Rock of Love 2 Spoiler

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Rock of Appreciate A couple of : Rockin’ the ‘Rents

Rock of Enjoy A couple of: Rockin’ the ‘Rents airs on Sunday night at 9pm EST on April 6, 2008 on Vh-1. Don’t miss it!


Ambre’s dad reveals to Bret Michaels to Rock of Really like A couple of that Ambre is 37, not 31. It’s sort of odd that Bret is surprised by this news. Ambre will not appear 31. She looks good, but she won’t appear 31. Apparently, and I did not remember this part, but Ambre did tell Bret that she was 32. Don’t worry, there can be a flashback scene to assist you bear in mind.

If Bret were paying attention for the simple fact that Ambre is more mature and level-headed than the other girls he may perhaps have clued into the point that she was older than 32. Several women lie about their age, and it is a tiny lie compared towards the whatever secrets Desitney is harboring.

It virtually seemed like Bret Michaels on Rock of Adore 2 was trying to torture poor Ambre’s dad by taking him out for sushi. But the Southern gentleman survived.


Bret was virtually grossed out by the simple fact that Daisy knows Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille. but not enough to send her home. According to Daisy, nothing ever happened between them. But Daisy is nevertheless hiding one thing and being way too guarded. It’s Bret’s lust that has kept Daisy around this long.

At this point, fans seem much much more interested in Charles and his band, Seraphim Shock, than in Daisy hooking up with Bret. Must Charles and Daisy get their own Vh-1 display? Daisy is often talking about Charles has no cash and she has to support him. Maybe having his personal Vh-1 reality demonstrate would give Charles and his band the boost he needs.

Speaking of Charles, it may be the sister of Charles that comes in place of Daisy’s absentee father and mother. Bret finds this odd.

Although Bret Michaels, Daisy and Charles’ sister are at dinner Daisy reveals that her relationship with Charles ended simply because an individual cheated. Playing more Daisy games she said it was not her, but was also reluctant to admit it was Charles.

Daisy is obviously protecting Charles and nevertheless hiding something.


The issue with Destiney, from the beginning of Rock of Really like Two has been the fact that she is additional rock star groupie than woman seeking really like. On Rock of Adore A couple of: Rockin’ the ‘Rents this only becomes much more apparent.

Although the girls, their parents and Bret Michales are watching a new live and uncut video of a Poison concert, on Rock of Love2, Destiney transforms into a writing, crazed super fan.

Bret Michaels looks uncomfortable, and also the rest of the group seems embarrassed for her.

Who’s In Love

Destiney also reveals to Ambre and Daisy on Rock of Appreciate 2: Rockin’ the ‘Rents that she is not in adore with Bret Michaels.

Destiney also tells Bret that she is “enjoying the experience.” This sends up additional than a red flag for Bret Michaels. This simple sentence sums up the issue. Destiney is there for the ride, not to discover a partner in life.

Ambre admits that she is in enjoy with Bret Michaels.

“I can’t control it. I opened my hears. I’ m vulnerable. I’m stupid. I can’t manage it,” Ambre tells Daisy and Destiney.

Daisy also says that she is in really like with Bret MIchaels.

Gone, Baby Gone

Bret Michaels says goodbye to Destiney on Rock of Appreciate A couple of: Rockin’ the ‘Rents. He acknowledges that he and Desitiney may possibly have not had enough time together.

Rock of Appreciate 2: Season Finale

The Rock of Enjoy 2 season finale brings Bret Michaels, Ambre and Daisy to Cancun. In typical finale fashion, the claws finally come out and Ambre goes as far as calling Daisy ugly (on the inside) and a disaster.

Will Bret Michaels pick lust or spirituality in the end on the finale of Rock of Really like A couple of Or is he currently preparing for Rock of Appreciate 3?

Ambre Lake Scoop

Considering that TV host Ambre Lake is currently planning a life in Chicago, I am going go guess that Bret won’t pick Ambre. According to Ambre’s MySpace page, she are going to be “co-hosting a brand new nightlife show “ChiTown After Dark” that will begin filming and airing in Chicago.” (Ambre’s MySpace Page) Bret lives in Arizona. Ambre will be filming a new exhibit in Chicago.

If he does pick Daisy, will she truly leave Charles and their secrets behind? Daisy’s secretive nature will end up pushing Bret MIchaels away. Once they consummate their relationship,

that initial lust may perhaps fade away, and what are going to be left. If he does pick Daisy, there will most likely be a Rock of Really like 3.


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