How to earn online in Singapore?

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If you probably did a search for ‘Earn Online Singapore’ on Google or Yahoo, the result came out are probably guides which claims that they can help you make attractive income within a short period. But the catch is you need to pay. I have always been advocating that earning online should be free and not require to pay anything. Because the knowledge on online earning should be an ‘open source’ that is supposed to be shared equally on the Internet.

‘Never pay to earn’

The problem with most people in Singapore is that they do not believe in online earning opportunity and lack the ability to earn. Because in order to be successful in this field you need to have knowledge and considerably resourceful to earn a decent income. The main problem is that not many people are sharing genuine earning opportunity unless they had the chance to refer you as their downline. This world is as such and we just have to live with it.

What I can say based on my personal experience is that earning online in Singapore is definitely possible. A few hundred dollars USD monthly is possible and can be easily attain. But what is needed is some effort coupled with some talent for writing, posting, discerning trend and blogging. Simple tasks like this can already earn you money. If you prefer easier way to earn, you can always join get paid to read email in the case of EmailCashPro or get paid to do surveys with Planet Pulse. But earning can be significantly lesser and not residual.You may refer to the the following payment proof screen-shot for reference.

Email Cash Pro Payment Proof Jul 09

Planet Pulse Survey Payment Proof Aug 09

Getting paid to write is the most lucrative and extremely stable earning opportunity on the web currently. Driven by advertisement revenues, articles that attract traffic provide writer with such good opportunity. I will not elaborate on all the good freelance writing websites because I have already written on this area in another article as follows:

What are the genuine work from home websites?

All these highlighted programs pays via PayPal. It is possible for Singaporeans to withdrawn money from PayPal into local Singapore Bank Accounts so that makes online earning from these websites from Singapore possible. It is proven to be legitimate because I personally has been paid. People only trust evidence and that is why I have been including the payment screen shots for readers’ reference.

Another good way to earn money is by blogging or share pictures with affiliate program such as Google Adsense. There are webmasters earning thousands of dollars monthly just with Adsense. But this can be really difficult as it is determined by CPM which means you will earn whenever the ads are being clicked on. Earning 1000 unique impressions only fetch you a few cents and what you need to go for is the clicks. SEO is probably the most powerful and uable knowledge which only a few could really master and execute SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to its fullest potential. Most people are only repeating the thoery and not truly able to comprehend the mechanics of SEO. Google Adsense pays in Cheque so if you are from Singapore, it will be posted to you.

If you are interested to earn an income just by blogging, all you need to do is start a blog with provider such as Blogger and monetized it with Google Publisher ID.

This article is to share that earning online in Singapore is possible.


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