Secret tips for cost effective proven strategies to brand and market your self on Linked In

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    Marketing yourself on is a cost effective, proven strategy to brand yourself online.  Linked In is the for the professionals.  Linked In will provide professional not only a local reach, but a nationwide and global reach.

    Prior to signing up with Linked In it would be wise for you to review the terms of service (TOS) and also review the (FAQ) Frequently asked Questions area.  There is a wealth of good solid information and tips about Linked in.

    According to FAQ section in Linked in your profile is your “Public Face”.  Non Linked In members are able to view your Linked in Profile.  What they will view is your name, title, location, and industry.   Your Linked In network will also be able to view your Profile.   You can set your contact settings to allow who sees what information.  There is a section on Linked in where you can see how many times your profile has been viewed.

    One of the keys to success in branding and marketing yourself is to fill out your Linked In profile completely.  Within in your profile utilize keywords, and long tail keywords strategically to increase your visibility  for (SEO) Search engine optimization strategy.  In your Linked In profile you can also include your blog’s and website URL addresses.

    Marketing yourself on Linked In will provide you with a fairly high page rank in Your public profile in Linked in is searchable via your URL address.  As an example my URL address is  You can customize your URL address to include your full name and your occupational title. 

   Another search engine strategy to increase your visibility is to  establish and include your Linked In URL address within your E-Mail signature line.  Within your E-Mail signature line you can also include your blog’s and web site URL as well.

    A branding, marketing strategy is to participate in the online social media community.  You can follow other prominent bloggers, web sites, and write insightful, relevant comments on their blog’s. You can also post your comments in forums, Google & Yahoo answers sections, as always include your URL address within the signature lines.

    At this site has a section titled LinkedIn answers.  You can go to that section and review frequently asked questions within your occupation and industry area.  You can also answer those posted questions with accurate, relevant answers.  This is a branding and marketing strategy that will build and establish your online reputation as an expert in your chosen field.

     Currently across the United States we have some 11.5 million Americans who are unemployed. The average time for these people being unemployed is 30.2 weeks.  We have statistics that state that on average you need to send out 17 resumes to land a job interview.  So the question becomes how do you improve the odds of your being hired.

    By joining Linked In you can broaden your ability to gain access to the job market.  Linked In has a jobs directory where business and corporations will post job openings. Your competition will be a lot less than if you were posting on

    Prior to applying for a job with a company you can prepare your self for your job interview.  Research the company on Linked in.  Find out who is the hiring decision maker.  Discover who works for your prospective employer.   Do you have a connection to anybody at that company?

    Find out information about the person who is going to interview you.  You can small talk about their family, schools, the company.  You can also find out what the company’s strategic goal’s are for the year.  You can research industry trends.

    A Linked In branding and marketing strategy is a truly cost effective, proven method to build your online connections and broaden your brand to reach the global market.  Linked in can be be viewed as the great equalizer between the small business professional and the big multi national corporations.


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