When You Go…

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When someone whom I love… show me some sign about left me for a long time or forever. I am thinking about that. Can I figure it out? Can I describe about what I feel if that time comes? I wrote this poem behind my desk at my office. At that time… I am missing her so much and I was eating my lunch at my desk. At that moment, I only remember her. Not my lunch, just described my feeling.

by me,

Sometimes I cry so hard from abjuration…When you go.

Many nights I have prayed with my hopeful heart.

Who knows what miracles when I believe in God.

When prayers so often prove in vain, Hope seems flown away…

Time goes by…when you go.

I thought I walked on through, but I believed I could not just let you go

Because my heart is so full, I can’t explain…

I have loved, I have lost in past

But I am sure one thing.

it can’t fade memories of me and you.

A waste of time…when you go.

If I love you

But you don’t love me like yesterday

Can’t hold my tears, it feels like spears

Stabbing my heart, fell from time to time

Do not worry…when you go

Ask me, the answers written in my eyes

Princess of my heart is you

Is it true?

And may I remain as your prince of your heart?

When I look at my life… I am all about loving you

My Princess…


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