GoGear Muse MP4 Player by Philips.

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Yet another new MP4 Player is out and it is trying to challenge the iPod like every other. Launched by Philips this MP4 player is called the GoGear Muse. Now, it looks nice but not unique, I have already seen a lot this kind and it does not really stands out, so basically there should be not much debate on how it can defeat the all powerful iPod. Well, let us have a quick look at its features and judge the power of the audio and video player.

–          Features the ne FullSound Technology by Philips.

–          720p HD Video Playback.

–          3.2 inch HVGA Display.

–          MicroSD card slot for extra storage.

–          FLAC and APE lossless audio codec support.

–          Runs on SongBird, the OpenSource music Software.

–          FM Radio with RDS and 20 Presets.

–          Comes with sound isolating earphones.

Well, when I first came across this, what caught my eye was the FullSound Technology, which is a technology which works towards improving the sound quality. However, as per Philips, “FullSound uses a Digital Signal Processor to analyze the music signal and enhance its frequency spectrum and definition. By reprocessing the signal over 10 million times per second, FullSound™ delivers perfectly enriched sound.” Now this seems to be a really awesome technology to improve the sound quality, but I have not got our hands on it yet and I cannot sure so, I want be talking much about it yet.

Moving on, it also has the ability to output to a HD television by using the built-in HDMI port. Now, it looks like it can be very interesting to use, with all the features it sports. If the FullSound technology is really what Philips describes it as it can make a very strong hold in the market, but I still cannot agree that it might take down the iPod it is more of a style statement.

However, we do not have any details about the release date and price yet!

Source: Gigjets.


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