Frugal Gift Giving

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As the holidays, or certain other occasions roll around those who are trying to save money tend to think “the heck with it!” and begin to splurge. While this may feel great while you are shopping, wrapping and giving, eventually the post-splurge hangover will kick in and you will regret your impulsiveness in the days to come.

So how do you still manage to give fabulous gifts to your friends and loved ones without breaking the bank? It’s actually fairly easy, as long as you keep your eyes peeled. You can get everyone something they want or need, but you have to be ready to buy when the opportunity arises. This means no more December 23rd shopping sprees.

For example, if your mother, sister, friend or daughter really likes those fancy baskets full of bath and body products you should check out stores after Mother’s Day, as all these products are 50-75% off.  Likewise, for the men in your life you can hit the stores after Father’s Day. Electric razors, men’s bath products, bathrobes and more are a steal at this time.

You can also give the gift of home-baked goods. Everyone loves getting a pan of brownies, tin of cookies or banana bread. Even if you are not a baker you can make a great gift by measuring all the dry contents and putting them in a jar. By keeping the content separated and putting on a nice label and ribbon you have yourself a top-notch, thoughtful gift.

For grandparents or other family members you can clear some clutter and delight them by framing an artwork or two made by one of your little Picassos. Or put together a photo album, calendar, or memory box covered with your kid’s pictures.

Try to think outside the box for good gift ideas. Does the company you work with have any connections you can use? Often you can get a great discount with a company affiliation, or jump on board with a company order. Likewise, your company itself may offer great products and give you the inside track to savings.

Another way to give great gifts without breaking the bank is to pool your funds together with other family members. Instead of you all getting mom or dad little gifts, you can all chip in and get them something really good. Or you can find that one thing that they’ve always been missing: a rare book or a particular brand of tea.

There are tons of options open to anyone who wants to save on gift giving at any time of the year, all you have to do is put in some time thinking about what each person on your list would like. Remember that birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays are about being together, not getting a pricey gift. Even planning a family potluck so that everyone can get together and share each other’s company is a terrific way to show that you care without bleeding your bank account.

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