Fitness Planet ,Siliguri

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Hair fall problem has been worrying me for the last 2-3 years and I have been trying different kind of therapies and medicines to fight it but none of them has worked for me so far. Recently I joined Fitness Planet, Siliguri for stopping hair fall, I was desperate to stop my hair fall and for that I was ready to pay any amount.

Not to mention the program I registered at Fitness planet was pretty expensive (Rs.5000 for 10 sittings) but as I told I was ready to pay anything to stop my hair loss. I started taking the therapy at Fitness Planet immediately and they started with the anti-dandruff treatment which was supposed to last for 4 sessions (but they extended it to 8 sessions and still couldn’t get rid of the dandruff properly). They just use Biolage Anti-dandruff treatment tubes and massage it for about 10-15 minutes nothing more .

After the 8th sitting of anti-dandruff treatment at Fitness planet ,they finally moved on to the main program I paid for (stopping hair loss) but just 4 sitting I guess isn’t enough to stop my hair from falling and honestly I didn’t find much change in the intensity of my hair loss.

Before joining Fitness Planet at Siliguri, I hoped that my hair fall problem would stop but nothing as such as happened and I feel it is a complete waste of money and people should avoid these programs as they are just cheating you of your hard earned money nothing more. Hope my review will be helpful in making a decision If you have any Plans of joining the hair loss program or any other program at The Fitness planet .


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