How To Cut Down Atleast 100 Calories Every Meal

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The average person’s calorific intake should be in the range 1,500 to 2,400. Ingesting additional calories without exercising and physical activity results in fat storage. Watching the calorie intake is important to have a slim appearance and maintain steady weight. Its all to easy to gain weight. Maintaining a good physique requires a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

With a little effort anyone can exercise restraint and cut down calories at every meal..

At Breakfast

1. Scramble four egg whites instead of two whole eggs.

2. Use butter sparingly over pancakes or slices of bread.

3. Substitute nonfat cream cheese for the regular on the bagel.

During dessert

1. Enjoy icecream in a bowl. Avoid the cone.

2. Choose to top desert with fresh fruit instead of chocolate syrup or cream. Fresh fruit is a healthier option as compared to chocolate syrup loaded with calories.

At Lunch

1. Prefer Turkey over Beef.

2. Choose to leave out the cheese when making or ordering a sandwich or burger.

3. Blot out grease with a napkin.

In the Kitchen

1. Use less oil.

2. Use tuna packed in water, instead of the tuna packed in oil.

3. Use chicken broth instead of oil to sauté meat.

At the Drive-thru

1. Skip the sauce. eat burger and fries plain.

2. Choose the cheeseburger instead of any quarter pounder.

3. Avoid cola and if you absolutely require a cola, downsize it to a small or medium serving.

4. The most important one being is to avoid the drive-thru.

During snack break

1. Avoid cola or coffee, drink water instead.

2. Replace potato chips with baby carrots or pretzels.


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