Arjay Random Blurbings – February ’10 Edition

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(February ‘10) ITN – President Obama sends Congress a $3.83 trillion budget; Democrats continue to blame G.W. Bush & complain that the Republicans are the Party of “No”; Did Nancy Pelosi use military jet to ferry around her family? ARB – The Obama Budget – a.k.a…tax & spend on hyper-drive. Let’s hope for the country’s sake, as well as their own Party’s sake, the R’s continue to say no to the D’s crap. It bears repeating that the R’s had no say in whatever the D’s wanted to do, but the D’s could not “line up their ducks” and now the D’s complain that the R’s are still at fault for the D’s not being able to pass their crap? And just when is the Wunderkind going to take some responsibility for  his spending , or anything else for that matter? I don’t think America is going to buy the Democrats BS anymore. We will have to wait for the facts to come out, but any “thumb your nose at the American people” activity that NP perpetrates would not surprise me.

ITN New Yorkers unite against hosting 9/11 terror trials; Congressional Democrats & Republicans unite to block civilian terror trial funding. ARB – See, BHO can unite people! This opposition is actually doing Obama a favor, considering the public declarations of guilt by the Administration & the suspects not getting Miranda rights, I can’t see a conviction happening. This is where the rubber hits the road, leftist utopia vs. reality. Giving terrorists Constitutional rights was/is a bad idea, they should be tried in military courts.

ITNNewfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week in the United States; BHO bemoans government deficit spending. ARB – There are stories popping into the headline now a days that are just so self evident, they really don’t even need a comment. Take these two unrelated stories: What will Canadians do if/when the U.S. health care system becomes socialized? And who the heck took all the mirrors out of the White House?

ITN – Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman says a visit and an apology won’t cut it and that President Obama has proven himself to be “a real slow learner” & he would “kick BHO back to D.C.” ARB – Normally, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to relish a shot at “foot-in-the-mouth” liberals, but I’m actually going to cut BHO some slack here. I understand Goodman’s anger, but I don’t think BHO was intentionally trying to disparage Vegas. I realized something during G.W.Bush’s presidency. Both the conservative criticism of Bill Clinton & the liberal condemning of Bush became way too personal during each presidents term. I personally don’t want to go down that road again with BHO. I’m trying to stick to policy disagreements (there are plenty of those!).

ITN – Rham Emanuel calls liberals “f***ing retarded”, then apologies to officially retarded. ARB – Sorry, I can’t help myself & I know it didn’t go down exactly like that, but I just love the way it reads!

ITN – BHO tells Republicans he’s not an ideologue. ARB – Um, yes you are.

ITN – BHO on health care legislation: “H/C Bills might have violated the `you & your doctor non interference` pledge and my transparent negotiation pledge”. ARB – Come on Barack, let it all out, there’s even more BS contained in those bills. I’ll help: The unconstitutionality of forcing U.S. citizens to purchase H/C; Credibility destroying abortion coverage denials (what, did you think nobody would notice?); The actual cost of it all, and the ensuing tax increases; The elitism of Congress exempting themselves (& you); The payoffs to certain Senators and exempting the taxing of the Unions’ benefits; The “health care for all Americans” lie; and finally, Medicare cuts, H/C rationing &  death panels (hey, somebody will have to make the tough H/C decisions!). And the sauce that marinated it all;  You & your Party’s arrogance, insulting concerned Americans & dismissing their opposition… November looms!

ITN – The Saints & Colts face off in Super Bowl XLIV. ARB – I didn’t see it coming, it’s been so long since two no.1 seeds made it to the S.B., that I came to expect them not to. I’m hoping for a good game, with this scenario: Score at end of regulation, 33-33. In O.T., each team gets the ball at least once and the winning score is a 75 yard touchdown pass. Now that would make for entertainment!(My prediction, Colts 34, Saints 23).

ITN – The Saints defeat the Colts, 31-17, to win Super Bowl XLIV. ARB – Congrats to the New Orleans Saints, their fans & the city. Just like I predicted…or was it that I was totally wrong? One of the two. It’s kind of strange to say that the Saints seemed to want it more than the Colts. The Colts seemed business like, while the Saints were more aggressive & playing with emotion. The only thing I had right, stretching it though, is I felt the Saints were going to take an early lead, the Colts would come back ,take the lead & seal it with a big defensive play. I had the scenario correct, but the teams switched. All in all it was a good game that just seem to fly by, all the completed passes kept the clock moving. I just wish the Colts had scored at the end of the game to set up an onside kick situation. But it was fun anyway.

ITN – The U.S. State Department expedite Haitian adoptions. ARB – Giving credit where it’s do. A big thank you to the BHO Administration for moving along the adoption process for many Haitian orphans & U.S. families who’ve been waiting, including some in my church.

ITN – National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill said that the Tebow Super Bowl ad glorified violence against women. ARB – If this whole Tebow Super Bowl ad episode hasn’t destroyed the NOW gangs credibility, then some people are just beyond reach. By opposing the ads’ broadcast, NOW showed they are not pro-choice, but pro-abortion. They do not want women to have options, it takes money out of their (NOW) pockets. I thought the ad itself was rather benign and if I hadn’t been forewarned that the ad was a “pro-life” ad, I wouldn’t have known nor cared what the message was supposed to be. Thanks go to Tim Tebow & his mom for their willingness to share their experience and exposing NOW as the pro-abortion lot that they are, and thanks to NOW for the great strategy of opposing the ad, giving all that free publicity to it & for the great comment afterward, truly showing your lack any good sense.

ITN – Audi “Green Police” Super Bowl ad makes a stir. ARB – It sure sent a chill down my spine. It was way too close to the reality that the environmental extremists would want, given the opportunity. I didn’t think it was funny at all, just rather worrisome.

ITN – BHO calls for a bipartisan televised confab on health care as the presidents policy popularity numbers continue to plummet. ARBNow you want transparent negotiations? This is all political grandstanding on BHO’s part, hoping to portray the Republicans in a bad light. The R’s should use this opportunity to submit good free market ideas that would help make progress in reforming the H/C industry. This could be another nail in the coffin for liberal’s failed ideas, much like all of BHO’s failed liberal policies.

ITN – President Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250k. ARB – And another campaign promise bites the dust.

ITN – VP Biden says “Iraq….could be one of the great achievements of this administration” ARB – This is Joe taking his plagiarism to the next level.

ITN – Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller (W.V.) on BHO “…he’s beginning to not be believable to me.” ARB – You’re a little late Senator, but welcome to the party anyhow.

ITN – BHO says that the Stimulus Bill “prevented the U.S. economy from plunging into a second Great Depression”; Quitter Evan Bayh says “[I]f I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.”; Both Bayh & BHO blame Republicans and partisanship; Now with Congress working on a multibillion-dollar jobs bill, Obama warned of the possibility this year of layoffs by state governments as funding from the stimulus runs out. ARB – Sorry Evan, it’s more like no private sector jobs created by Congress in the last two years. These people are just absolutely clueless. To Republicans: Just say NO!!

ITN – Scott Brown & Sarah Palin to stump for John McCain, who faces a primary challenge this year from former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. ARB – Very disappointing, one can never underestimate the idiocy of Republicans either. I, and many others, will not vote for or back RINO’s. The Republican Party better wake up ’cause they don’t seem to get it either.

ITNPresident Obama unveils $1.5 billion housing aid program. ARB – More political bull crap: An attempt to help D’s get re-elected, throwing good money after bad and increasing the deficit. Can November get here any quicker?

ITNPresident Obama says Social Security is slowly running out of money but that it can exist well into the future with a slight fix. ARB – OK, now who can guess what that fix is? Anyone? You, yes, you in the back… that’s right! How did you know the answer would be TAX INCREASES? Good guess, man! And your reward? Um, well, you get your taxes raised, but great guess dude!

ITN – Tiger Woods offers up his mea culpa. ARB – I couldn’t ignore this story enough. This apology was all about his sponsors, which means nothing to me, because I don’t buy products based on T.W. being the sponsor. I’ll state again that I hope he gets his life together, but any apology he gives is irrelevant to me.

ITN – Team USA beats Canada in Olympic hockey. ARB – A great win for U.S. hockey, but some fans need to calm down about it. It is an upset, but nowhere in the same zip code as the “Miracle on Ice”. Heck it’s not even nearly as big as Team USA soccer’s win over Spain, but a great game & a great win for the U.S.

ITN – Teams USA & Canada battle for men’s Olympic Hockey gold. ARB – I’ve felt all along that Canada will win the gold…but I really hope I’m wrong.

ITN– Climate scientists withdraw claims of rising sea levels. ARB – The “man made global warming” house of cards keeps falling down. The sad thing is, the U.S. should be moving toward new energy & energy independence, but the lies have hurt that cause.

ITN – Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll. ARB – GOP may finally be moving in the right direction.

ITN – Four days before televised Health Care Summit, Obama unveils his “new” health reform proposal, but if the GOP filibusters, Dems will move forward on their own and pass it via reconciliation. ARB – What a joke. Why bother with this charade of a “Health Care Summit”? It’s just BHO’s version of political gamesmanship. His “new” proposal, is just more of the same; More government involvement, more tax & spend and more just making the problem worse.

ITN – Scott Brown joins Democrats in voting  for “Jobs” bill. ARB – Didn’t this guy run partly on being a fiscal conservative? I think he just destined himself to be a historical footnote. When his term is up, he may or may not face a Republican primary, but either way, the Tea Partiers will not go to the polls for him & he’ll be gone.

ITN – Republicans & Democrats engage in health care summit. ARB – I personally thought the R’s clearly won the arguments, but it should also be clear to everyone that some of the Dems are just plain dumb. Relaying health care/insurance horror stories during what was supposed to be a brainstorming session, does nothing to convince anybody that your position/bill will  help the problem. So what’s the point?

ITN – Nancy Pelosi: A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. ARB – Speaking of dumb, this woman still refuses to understand or acknowledge that the American people are the ones who are rejecting the Dems health care takeover…but she will, come November.


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