How to Turn off the LG enV3 Text Readout Feature

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Step 1)  The first thing you need to do is open your cell phone. You can’t access all the settings you need from the external menu.

Step 2)  Once the flip is opened select the menu option. You can access your menu by pressing the “ok” button on your keyboard.  This button is located in the middle of your directional pad on the right side of your keyboard.

Step 3)  Press or select option 2.  Depending on the internal theme you choose when you set-up your phone, this feature will have a mailbox or letter icon.  This option will open the Messaging menu.

Step 4)  Next select the Settings option.  You can get here by pressing the long silver button located on the upper left corner of your cell phone keyboard.

Step 5)  Press or select option 6.  It’s labeled “TXT Auto View.”  This is where they hid the auto-read switch.  If you selected all the right prompts a menu with three options will appear.  They are; “On,” “On + Readout,” and “Off.”

Step 6)  The option you want is “On.”  Once you select this option your text messages will still open automatically but they won’t be read out loud.  If you prefer your text messages not open automatically, select the “Off” option.

Step 7)  Once you made your selection press the okay button.  You should be done.  Have a friend send you a text to make sure it worked.

NOTE: If for any reason you want a single text message to readout, you can always press the space key on your keyboard while the message is open.


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