Love Really Hurt Sometimes

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I was in long term relationship for 12 years, quite sometimes.  In the end I was crushed.  Let me ask you have you ever been crushed by being in a long term relationship?  I have.  It is so hard to get over.  When you give your heart to someone you feel so great inside.  Don’t you feel great when you give your heart to someone and feel the love between each other?  I know I did.  The one thing I have learned from being in a relationship with someone is to love them, respect, listen, appreciate them, and probably most important is to participate in the relationship with kids and family or her or him in the relationship.  What I mean if they sports, musical or entertainment, take the kids their.  I believe relationship are important, special and unique.  What do you think.  Tell me what do you think, that can make a relationship, stronger and better as the years go by.  Do you think their is a trend of people breaking up and just meeting or hooking up with different people, all of the time.  We all know that their is a war going on right now, and it does not seem like it.  Do you think that being in the war we as a nation in the united states should get along a lot better.  Well I hope who ever reads  this is having a great time.  I really want other people to have a great relationship.   Because I tell you, if you have someone male or female, lesbian or guy or bisexaul, if you are happy with them do not let them go.  If that person loves you in return, please be with them and have fun.  Because being alone and missing your friend or family really, really and I mean really, stinks. 

Sincerely Chris


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