Bike To Work Day – Help The Environment and Your Health

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Bike to Work Day helps promote clean commuting options. In some places, it is celebrated as Bike or Walk to Work Day. The event comes at the beginning of the Summer season in North America. It raises awareness of the effect that commuter-caused air pollution has on the poor-air ozone days that occur during the Summer months.


Bike To Work Day in France

Bike to Work Day is actually part of Bike to Work Week, May 17-21. It is supported by the League of American Bicyclists in the USA. There is a list of events by state in the B2W link here. Events are locally
organized by local cycling associations or bike shops. Most events include designated rally points at beginning and end, information on bicycle commuting and bike safety, coffee and snacks, and some have promotional
giveaways. There is also a list of links to Canadian and international B2W events at In Victoria, British Columbia, the event is billed as a celebration of cycling and the health, wellness and
fun that goes with it.

Bike parking lot at a factory in Japan

The 2007 US census showed that although the majority of US workers commute 5 miles or less to work, 87 percent commute by driving. Bike to Work Day is an effort to raise awareness of a greener way to commute. It also promotes bicycling as a valid means of transportation that is widely used in cities in Europe and Asia.


Consider volunteering at a Bike to Work Day event

If you can bike, you are encouraged to join in and help make a statement for more earth-friendly commuting options. If you can’t bike but would like to participate, Check Here to see what kind of volunteer support you can lend to help make the event a success. If no event is listed for your area, check with a local bike shop to see if anything is planned.

Biking to work is quite common in Europe

If you plan to bike to work, here are some tips to consider. Make sure you have a secure place for your bike at your workplace. Wear comfortable clothes for the commute. Plan on whether you need to carry any work clothes with you. Leave extra time for travel the first time you commute by bike until you know how long it will take. Check the route you will bike, it may be different from your driving route.

Free bike tuneup at a B2W event

Hopefully the awareness raised by Bike to Work events will encourage commuters to consider greener options for getting to work on a long-term basis.  Have your bike checked out before participating. Some cities sponsor free
tuneup clinics.

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