8001050f error code – How to resolve this bug on PS3 console. NEW!!

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When connecting my PS3 today I came across the following error:

8001050f – error loading the trophies.

This error prevented my games that use the system of trophies, they will work.

After much trial and error, I finally make my games to work. With one exception: The game of my game Modern Warfare have been deleted. The others continued there.

Note: before you start work on your PS3, be aware that I got on my playstation 3, but you can not get at it. If you have trophies in their games and have fear of losing them, do so at your own risk.

this procedure has been tested and approved in PS3 fat. Procedure created by me. It is not the official solution from Sony.

How to resolve:

Step 1: go to Settings / System Settings / Restore default settings.

you will be asked if you really want restore the default settings. Confirm.

After that, press the X button to restart the PS3 console.

Step 2: when booting normally configure your PS3, including the date and your internet settings.

Step 3: Go to Game / Trophies / Options / Sync with server

Step 4: Log into your account and psn confirm the synchronization of trophies.

Step 5: Restart your PS3.

Step 6: Place your newest game in the console (in my case I put the Modern Warfare 2)

Step 7: Select the game. will be asked to start a game update. Confirm.

Step 8: If all goes well, All games will start normally.

Any questions or any errors that may occur, using the field questions below that I will help if possible.


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