How to build MUSCLE FAST!!!

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How to build Muscle FAST!

In order to build muscle you need to train them beyond what they are normally used to for example resistance training. Resistance training helps keep your body burning steady calories and also helps you build muscle at the same time.

Sounds like a win/win situation to me!

  1. First key to building muscle is to create a program of exercises you are going to perform each week.

  2. You will then practice proper form for each of the specific exercises you are going to perform

  3. After your done picking exercises and perfecting your form now you will need to choose the amount of resistance(weight) your going to be lifting.

  4. Ideally I would stay within 15 to 20% higher then what your comfortable with then after a few weeks continue to increase by 5% intervals.

  5. This is how you keep increasing muscle strength while building muscle.

  6. Now after you have accomplished this you will want to reconfigure step 1 which is choosing the exercises again because your body has definitely been getting used to the exercises after doing it for a month.

  7. Finally your going to want to give your body proper resting time.

  8. The proper resting time is after you have worked out that specific muscle you want to give it 24 to 48 hours to build up and become stronger.

  9. You build muscle in the resting phase so this is VERY important!

Now after you accomplished all this there are different types of workout forms you can do in order to maximize muscle growth I want you to workout until fatigue which means on your last set I want you to continue until you can’t lift anymore of that specific weight.

This will increase your muscle and force it to grow even if you have became accustomed to the same exercise for months this is one strategy to increase muscle mass fast!


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