White Halter Formal Dress

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Everytime an invitation arrives, a woman turns her closet upside down, searching for the perfect dress to wear on that special night. And indeed, coming to a formal event takes a lot more preparation not only because it’s just among the few opportunities to flaunt on your best look, but also because it’s one of the few times you cannot afford to make mistakes about.

A timeless classic, a dress no season or venue could dictate, a white formal dress could pretty much be what you need. Forget old dress rules and the so-called “only when” to wear this color and “when and where not to wear it to”. Thanks to the changing times, women now have stronger determination on their own fashion choices, and modern women of today would don anything they feel would make them beautiful, not because it’s what the trend dictates. Perhaps the only appropriate time not to wear a white dress is during a white wedding – – – of course, somebody else’s wedding, err! The Labor Day-Memorial Day rule, I doubt if anybody still pays attention.

White formals could come in many forms. But definitely, if we’re speaking of formal wears, we have to stick to long hemlines. The more formal the occasion, the longer the hemline is. And that is something you should not argue about. Just think about coming to a very important function in a micro dress – – – (get my point?). Less formal occasions, though, could qualify dresses is tea-lengths or on-the-knee length and need not carry around the floor-length dress around.

For full dresses, the sexiest option would be a haltered dress. Check these out:

Whatever it is with this single strap around a woman’s neck that exudes an extraordinary sex appeal, is both alluring and sophisticated. Whether you go for the princess cut, empire-waist design or the mermaid look if you’re the lucky tall and slender type, the halter design just brings out a whole elegant entirety.

White halter dress could come in a lot of looks, depending on what you choose. Going for the printed or patterned designs translates the woman’s youthfulness, while white dresses made of soft silky materials brings out a glamorous arrive. Opting for the flowy, flouncier fabrics creates a fresh, relaxed look. What’s more, no matter how simple your white halter dress can be, a few added touches of carefully chosen accessories would easily transform a fabulous finish.

Truly a wardrobe must-have. And for the many invitations, no need to cause havoc in your wardrobe. Your white formal halter dress will take you to the most elaborate and special evenings ahead.


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