Make Him Glad He Hired You

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Here’s a few steps, practical they may seem to be, that would actually leave your boss impressed, and surely happy about having you around.

  1. If you know your best, give it out. Even the tiniest detail of your job, when given extra attention as you complete it, will get noticed by your boss.
  2. Work as scheduled.
  3. Never assume. Never leave anything to chance, so ask questions when necessary – – – and when in doubt, double-check. Such little move will incredibly save you from unnecessary communication breakdowns, or worse, from losing your job. Asking questions do not make one look dumb, for bosses, it shows them you have a good foresight.
  4. Take responsibility for your own work. Your boss can easily tell if he can rely on you or trust you. Covering up your little mistakes is never a wise move. Being honest and upfront even with the ‘not so good news’ will in fact, make him respect you even more. But being honest about mistakes is never enough, you should also let him know how you intend to correct the problem.
  5. Seek newer responsibilities. Such quality will impress ambitious people such as bosses. Surely, he will admire your ability to take on more than your job. This is a proven way to impress your boss, but if you come to think of it, the extra effort and time could be a little daunting too. Just remember, never go after something beyond what you know you’re capable of. And most importantly, make sure it is something you can manage along with your existing responsibilities.

Whether you’re after a promotion, or a raise, or just for the recognition from his side, letting him see what you’re capable of takes you a lot closer to that privilege. Besides, knowing you’re giving out your best in your work makes you feel twice as great picking up that check everytime payday rolls around.


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