US basketball famous coach Phil jackson fights with the Lakers

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It was interesting that one of the most famous coach in the history have been kick out of his own team. This is Phil Jackson. According to wikipedia interview, Phil Jackson is famous for his coaching talent but he also had a lot of heart breaks and tears with the Lakers and some famous basketball players like Dennis Rodman and Kobe Bryant. They didn’t like him or his style. They tried to get him kick out of his league many times. He got kick out and decided to even quit basketball forever. This was how bad it was with the Lakers.

He didn’t really work well with Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant didn’t really work well with him either. They didn’t like him at all. He decided to give up once and for all but he decided to continue because they needed him. The Lakers fall behind in championship when he left the team. Phil Jackson is a talent but he got a lot of problems too. No wonder why he looks really uptight every time that he was on TV.

However, I do have a lot of admiration for his coaching strategies and how he was persistence with people that try to fire him. He got fire from former manager who introduced him to his previous job that got him famous. So even his own boss got jealous and fired him. I feel really bad for Phil Jackson. I’ve been in many businesses myself and of course, you always encounter many heartbreaks like this one. However, I feel better after reading his heart breaking story because his is even worse than mine. Yes, the entertainment industry isn’t that friendly sometimes.

If you don’t read about people’s biography, you think things are great but they are not great. I guess whenever I read through a person’s biography, I begin to see all of their pain. Yes, success comes with many heart breaks too and no one is free from them. You have to take what you can and life is not perfect.


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