Why Obama new healthcare plan is not what people want

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The Obama healthcare plan is having a hard time passing through. There are many debate issues about this plan. President Obama is thinking for Americans and he’s thinking that we all need to have medical insurance. Sure, if it’s free for us. The average individual in the US can’t even afford college which is a priority over healthcare insurance. If they can’t even afford college or a nice place to live, how would they ever accept the cost of healthcare insurance?

It seems like the priorities are education and housing for an average person in the US. Many young people can’t even afford these priorities and this is why they don’t want the extra healthcare insurance cost. There are so many people who would even go without car insurance or even give up driving because it’s so costly. So, there is now way that they would be able to afford healthcare insurance.

The average 21 years old doesn’t care about their health. They’re out there sleeping around, drinking, doing drugs, doing risky things all over the place, they don’t care about their health. If you ask them to pay for healthcare insurance they would laugh at you. They won’t even pay for their child’s support bills. Young people or even adults aren’t that responsible or even care about high priorities issues. Young or adults people just don’t care about their health most of the time or else we wouldn’t have that many STDs, accidents, cancer in America.

We probably have them as much as other countries since they get free check ups and even medications people feel like they can sleep around. This is why the Obama healthcare insurance plan is having a hard time. This is because people don’t like to be responsible. People are so careless about their health that they don’t even know that they have Aids or STDs until they gave it to their new baby. Yes, this is the state of mind of a lot of Americans. I guess it’s not bad that the Obama administration is trying to force people into it because without their forceful effort, no Americans would ever want to buy health insurance until they are lying on the Cancer ward.

However, I feel that each person is responsible for their own body and thus their own health. It’s an individual choice. It’s like choosing to go to college and they will suffer poverty if they don’t choose education. If a person cares enough about their health, they will choose the right thing which is healthcare or education. If they don’t have the insurance for their heart surgery then it’s their fault that they didn’t buy health insurance. I feel like people should be responsible enough to buy what hey need. Those that don’t care will perish on their own if the government can’t do much to force the insurance upon them. However, the healthcare bill is a good thing for the nation and we should be able to have insurance in time of needs.


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