Red Wedding Dress: Would You Wear One?

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Choosing what to wear to her special day is probably the most daunting part in every bride’s wedding preparations. Not only she has to make sure she looks her best in it, it should also be something that would communicate her personality and carry the most significant meaning the occasion holds. As the classic timeless white wedding wear remains to be a popular option for many, a lot of brides are starting to go beyond the conventional side and consider wearing what many women are afraid to don – – – the powerful and fiery red wedding dress.

The apprehension about wearing this hue, most especially in something as important as one’s wedding, is due to the color’s association with strong emotions. Aggression, lust and anger are just a few. But red, actually, is the color of romance – – – what better time could one wear it? As the color also spells confidence and sensuality, women who walks the aisle with this dress are only those who believe they are strong, sexy and truly special.

Like any dress, red bridal wears could come in a wide range of designs to suit all women of varying needs and personal style preferences. From the most common wedding wears in princess-cut designs, women can opt for empire waists, mermaid fit, bubble designs and many other options for the modern bride. Materials used in crafting this trend are also vast, and as red itself comes in so many shades, it could have many looks brides sure would love.

As more and more women are catching up with the red-bride trend, many are also starting to discover the beauty of this vibrant color. An exciting hue and a glamorous choice – – – bringing together elegance and passion in one piece of dress. All brides want to feel and look special on their big day – – – a red wedding dress is an unmistakable choice for a truly striking and memorable wedding.


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