Writing Articles With Original Content

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I am positive that you will agree with me that nothing is more frustrating than thinking of a great topic to write an article about, believing it is an original idea only to discover that 10 other people have already written about the same thing.

It can be very disheartening because it seems that no matter how hard you try to think of an original topic, someone else has beaten you to it.


The definitionof the word original means: to be first, genuine, creative, unusual, new, fresh, authentic, or unique.


It is all right to use the same title and write an article on the same topic those other authors already wrote about.  Keep in mind; it is smart to try to personalize the title so your article will stand out among the rest.

A title or topic cannot be copyright protected.  For example, there are already many articles written on the topic titled, How to Write an Original Article.  Even though you write about the same topic as someone else, your article can still be new, first, genuine, creative and fresh because it comes from you. 

Note: You cannot use another author’s content and claim it as your own, or you have violated the copyright laws.  All articles that are submitted go through a web tracker and will find plagiarized material.   

Your own knowledge and experience 

The key is to write an article using content that is original and unique to you.  Write about what you are familiar with, and what you know about.  Your own experience is what makes it new, first, genuine, creative and fresh.

Even though there could already be a lot of information on a topic, people are looking for information that is fresh and has a different and personal approach to the subject.

It is the same concept as when you ask 10 people what color the sky is they will all describe the sky differently in their own unique way, even though most are saying it is blue.  

Choosing a topic  

The best way to choose a topic to write about is, to choose something that you have knowledge about and is of interest to you.  When you have an interest in a subject, you will be passionate and will write a quality piece.   

You have knowledge and life experience in many areas that are of popular discussion.  You may only know one thing, write one thing and only one person may read it one time and that one thing may influence and change that person’s life.

You never know how your words will help someone else so; share what you know with the world.


Sharing your knowledge and experience with others can be a true joy.  Do not be discouraged that the very topic you are writing about already exists 10 times.   If you truly enjoy writing and putting down on paper your thoughts and ideas, and enjoy having the feelings that you are helping to influence and educate others,  then the world is waiting to read what you have to say. 

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