Love, Sex and Mental Illnesses

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Freud developed his psychology based on sexuality only because this is the most frequent reason for the appearance of absurd behavior in anyone. Even though his statements were not correct in many points, as other psychologists after Freud have demonstrated, we have to consider the basic importance that our sexual life has on our psychological health.

The crazy love that suddenly appears in our life completely changes our behavior. We feel totally weak.

This strong love can be very dangerous, especially if we love the wrong person…

Carl Jung discovered that there are several symbols that appear in our dreams repeatedly, always representing the same things. This way he could learn how to precisely translate the dreams’ meaning, even though sometimes he couldn’t define the real meaning of certain symbols.

Continuing his work after his death, I could learn how to interpret dreams even better than him by using his own method, because I’m a writer, and there were various dream symbols in my literature. The same symbols are found in all dreams of people throughout Earth and throughout historic times. By translating them, I could understand everything he could not see. I continued his research, and explored the wild side of our conscience.

Jung defines the anima as the figure of the perfect woman for a man, the type of woman that he really likes, and he defines the animus as the figure of the perfect man for a woman. The anima and the animus are symbols that appear in our dreams, and in several artistic manifestations like literature, drawing and theatre.

These symbols are mirrored in real life. They are not fantastic creatures, but they represent a real person of our real daily life. So, if we learn how to translate our dreams’ messages according to their symbolic meaning, we can understand how to find the perfect partner for us, and especially, how to avoid the wrong person, who will only make us suffer very much, and help the wild side of our conscience cause mental illnesses to our human side.

First of all, this wild and evil side of our conscience (which I term the anti-conscience because it tries to destroy our human conscience) starts causing craziness in us even with the strong desire we have when we love the wrong person. Thus, all mental illnesses begin from there.

We believe that we love someone because our heart wants that person, and our body feels pleasure with the idea of contact with the person or their presence.

With the feeling of love we also have a strong sexual desire, a passion that makes us blind… This is a very dangerous condition.

The human being cannot control one’s behaviour when one is simultaneously dominated by this strong feeling, and strong sexual desire.

Many times, the person one loves is married or is completely different from them, which means that they will have only many problems, and they will face only many painful situations with them.

This is how craziness starts completely ruining their lives. The strong attraction toward married people and toward people who belong to an opposite psychological type as compared to oneself are the main reasons for the sudden development of mental illnesses in anyone.

When someone loves another completely, one despises moral rules; one does not care about family or friends… One doesn’t care about anyone or anything else.

This is how love, sex and mental illnesses form the links of a chain.

We can even observe the existence of ready behavioral programs in our learning mechanism that function according to the appearance of certain stimuli in our environment. Many of our reactions are completely instinctive when these stimuli appear in front of us.

The blind passion and the uncontrollable sexual desire can easily lead anyone to worse craziness. That’s why we need protection.

Fortunately, thanks to the accurate dream interpretation possible now thanks to Jung’s work and my work continuing his, anyone can learn how to protect themselves from false desires and absurd feelings, as well as how to really find the right person for them, the person that will really make them happy.

One has to learn how to look for the person who is really the one he or she needs. This can be done through dream interpretation because the wise unconscious that produces dreams reveals our mistakes when we choose a partner who is not the ideal one, even though he or she may appear to be so to our ignorant eyes.

Similarly, the unconscious mind teaches us how to look for characteristics that match our characteristics because we can be happy only with someone who belongs to a psychological type that shares the same attitudes we do.

We learn how to judge the person we love, the important points we have to care about, how we can live peacefully without conflicts and misunderstandings, and which the basic factors through which we can always maintain our relationship in a level of complete comprehension and perfect identification with the other person are, while each one of us develops his or her own individual personality.


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