How to Naturally Confess Your Feelings

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It’s always difficult to confess your feelings to someone, even if you feel you are accepted. If you don’t know this, things of course are very hard and they become worse depending on your age. If you are an adult, everything is complicated.

If you have an important position, things are dangerous. If you don’t have money, things are tragic.

However, you have to surpass all obstacles and find a way to express your feelings to the desired person because you have to know their answer… You have to find a way to come nearer to them, to become special for them… You cannot accept the distance.

What can you do?

First of all, I’m going to tell you what you should not do, because this is what most people do and it can only lead you to failure.

Most people have the impression that they have to cause a fight with the desired person, because this way they won’t show their interest while they will approach them “beyond their will.”

1. Who told you that the desired person would not understand you are causing them trouble on purpose?

2. Who told you they would not hate you instead of loving you after the big problems you create?

3. If you do that, you’ll show how much you love your ego, because you will provoke a true conspiracy against the person you love, only in order to hide your intentions and find a way to come nearer them without showing them your weakness. Ridiculous!

4. In the end, even if you manage to come nearer the desired person through a fight and something happens between the two of you, do you think this is a good way to start a relationship?

5. Or, do you think “how” you are going to achieve your purpose is something that doesn’t matter?

Be careful, because this is a delicate matter.

If you really love someone, don’t cause him or her problems only in order to avoid facing their reaction when you confess your feelings to them.

Don’t give more importance to your fear than to their suffering with the conspiracy you provoke. If you prefer exchanging your fear of confrontation with causing them pain, it means that you prefer making the person you love suffer than suffering yourself for a fair reason, because you are the one who wants to be with them.

Why do you want to hide your feelings? Because you don’t want to show them how weak you are. However, if you fabricate a whole drama only to hide this fact, in the end you’ll be uncovered and appear even weaker than you really are.

What if the desired person clearly understands everything you want to hide from them?

Be normal. Treat the desired person as if they were not too important. Do what you would do if you wanted to acquire a new friend. Treat the desired person the same way that you would treat a friend.

Being a friend, you’ll find several ways to express your feelings.

You can use humor, originality, simplicity, etc… There are many easy tactics available if you are already near the desired person because you are friends.

You can be “friends” with someone irrespective of your position or any obstacles that you might face. Therefore, be friendly with those you love. Be nice, helpful, and counsel them. Make them smile when they see you.

Do you think in this way you are exposing yourself and expressing that you want to have an affair with them?

Well, this fact cannot be a national secret if you want to ever have a relationship with the loved person. You have to reveal this truth sometime. The other person doesn’t know what you feel… They are insecure and afraid too.

Just let your relationship naturally develop with the special person and gradually you’ll prepare the perfect occasion and the perfect mood for a true revelation!


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