Types of Ecosystem

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Definition of Ecosystem

The ecosystem is the combination of a-biotic and biotic components of environment. The ecosystem involves a-biotic environment which is also known as physical environment like rocks, rivers, climate, soil, atmosphere, air etc, and biotic environment like animals human and trees and all living beings. Ecological system or ecosystem is an open space built by physical and biological components of an environment.

Ecosystem deals with the dynamic relation between living and non-living components. It is like a society or community in which all the animals, plants, human beings and their environments work simultaneously and interconnect.

Types of Ecosystem

Here, firstly I want to say that many people are getting confusion in the topic “types of ecosystem” and “component of ecosystem”. The components of ecosystem and the types of ecosystem both are different. The components of ecosystem are biotic component and a-biotic component.

But there are only two types of ecosystem which are as follows-

1. Natural Ecosystem

The natural ecosystem deals with all kinds of natural components like forest, grassland, plants, river, rocks etc. there is no involvement of living beings.

Further, it is classified into two parts, those are-

1. Terrestrial Ecosystem

  • All types of forest, deserts, trees, plants, and grasslands etc are said to be terrestrial ecosystem.
  • It is a broad term which is used for the components which are not based on water.

2. aquatic ecosystem

  • This type of ecosystem located in water area located in water area like sea, lake, pond, pools, ditch, river etc.
  • It is divided into two parts- Marine ecosystem and freshwater ecosystem. Ecosystem disposes are purifying water, sheltering wild animals and recharging ground water.
  • Freshwater, this may be Iotic like stream, river etc and lentic like lake, pond, pools, ditch, swamp etc.

2. Artificial Ecosystem

  • The artificial ecosystem is also known as man-made or man-engineered ecosystems. All types of artificial ecosystems are introduce and managed by man.
  • Gardens are also artificial ecosystem that are made and maintained by human. We can add any type of plant according to our likeness in the garden.
  • Similarly villages, cities, towns and aquarium are also made by human.

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