I Missed You Today

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“I Missed You Today”

Your silence is deafening
My head hurts with plenty of guilt
As much as I miss you
My soul is not toughly built
For me to wait all alone here
And watch you slowly disappear
So I guess I’ll have to wait now
And wish for a new year
Without saying a word
I scream so loud it hurts
You once told me you wanted me
Now its my just dessert
I dare not fathom
The things you do in the dark
Now our one night stand is over
Its turned into another spark
Once I thought you were my past
Now that dreams fading fast
You said you felt comfort
And we had a blast
Now I wish it would never be over
My heads in a tail spin
I’m starting to question
How I will ever start again
I think of you daily
Your memory so strong
Pounding my head
Wondering how we can go so wrong
Knowing in my heart
It was me all along
So I fight for redemption
And I dream of the day
When my phone begins ringing
And I’ll hear you say
You want me to come over
And stay for a while
Until then I’m dreaming
Of your sexy smile
So I guess that I’ll go now
But I just want to say
That I love you my darling
And I missed you today

Til I see you again my love, our hearts will be intertwined

And my love for you will pass the test of time


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