How to Sell Online for Free

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There are any number of ways to make money from home, but with the internet being so readily available, most moms want to know how to sell online for free. Forget Ebay, with its high prices, how can you sell your crafts online or even services, without having to pay a small fortune.

There are several methods of selling online for free. You will need to start off with a few basics, then once you’re earning, you can invest in better tools.


The first thing you need is a way to accept payments. If you want to know how to sell online for free, it’s vital that you have a way for people to get you money! Paypal is the usual choice, it’s free, easy to use and most people have a Paypal account. You can use others like Google Checkout, but you will lose many customers that way.


Next, you need a way to showcase your products or services. If you are really determined not to spend any money at all, you can set up a simple site on Blogger. This is free and you’ll be able to sell there. You can also upload photos on Blogger so clients can see what you’re up to.

If you do decide to go this way, rather than invest a few dollars each month for a self-hosted website, then be sure to get a custom Blogger template that will remove the bar at the top and make your site look more professional. Remember, we’re looking at how to sell online for free, but once you have some cash flow, you need to invest in a domain name at the very least.


One of the best, free ways to get publicity is to write articles just like this one. Again, once you’re rich and famous, you can hire someone else to do this, but for now, all you need to do is write articles using your keywords and submit them, along with a link, to article directories. This is a wonderful way to get some publicity.

Another way to boost traffic to your website is to talk it up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. And it’s all free!

If you’re looking to learn how to sell online for free, keep in mind that you’re going to be doing everything yourself, at first. Later, once you are pulling in a nice profit, you’ll be able to invest some money into your business.


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