Types of Environment

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Definition of Environment

‘Environment’, this word has a great importance in our life. The simple definition of environment is the ‘surrounding’. It is what surrounds a thing. We can also define it as “environment is the combination of all of physical and organic factors that act on a living being, residents, or ecological society and power its endurance and growth”.

It could be a physical component, which is known as physical environment or a-biotic environment that includes the built environment. The natural surroundings like air conditions, water, land, atmosphere etc are also the part of physical environment but they are commonly known as natural environment. People surrounding the item or thing, this type of environment is known as human environment. This is also known as the social environment and includes elements like the religious environment, emotional environment, residence, relations etc.

Types of Environment

There are mainly three types of environment-

1. The Physical environment

  • It is also known as a-biotic environment and natural environment.
  • The meaning of ‘a-biotic’ or ‘physical’ is non living like land water air conditions atmosphere which constitutes of soil. So we can say that physical or a-biotic environment is the environment which includes non living or physical things which are constitutes of soil and affect the living things.
  • The physical or a-biotic environment also includes the climatic factors such as sunbeams, rainwater, precipitation, moisture, pressure and wind speed.

The Importance of Physical Environment

  • Just think, the most important thing to make house is residential space, and for residential space, we need land area. The land area is included in physical environment. So it is responsible for the residential for living beings.
  • The a-biotic environment like soil, water and air are the necessary nutrients element provider for the living beings.
  • All of living beings are surrounded by atmosphere; it is the combination of different types of gases. The living beings take oxygen and other gases from the atmosphere.
  • The a-biotic environment also controls the climatic factors like weather.
  • The physical environment also includes the soil which is responsible for the works and food crops for the living beings. It also provides different types of minerals which are very necessary for growth of life
  • Water is one of the most necessary things for living beings. Physical environment also deals with the water factor of the earth.

2. Biotic environment

  • It is also known as biological environment and organic environment.
  • In the opposite side of the physical environment, the biotic or biological environment is responsible for the living beings.
  • You have already understood that the meaning of ‘biological’ is living things. So, the biological environment is the environment which involves the living part of the earth.

The importance of biotic environment

  • In this type of environment includes the plants, trees, animals, mammals, underwater living beings including human beings and microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.
  • There is a concept which is necessary to understand. The living beings are highly dependent to each other. For example humans are highly depend upon plants and trees  for food and oxygen, and plants and trees are also depend upon humans and animals because of co2

3. Social or cultural environment

  • This type of environment involves the culture and life style of the human beings.
  • The social or cultural environment means the environment which is created by the man through his different social and cultural activities and thinking.
  • The historical, cultural, political, moral, economic aspects of human life constitute to the social or cultural environment

The Importance of Social or Cultural Environment

  • Culture involves the religion of the human, relations with each other etc. In a society there involve different types of people, they have different religion, different thinking, which has culture of its own and posses people having their own life style.
  • The social or culture environment affects the social culture of human beings and hence it has the great importance.
  • The development of a child is highly depends upon culture and society.

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