Secrets that women keep

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Women keep secrets because they think that men won’t be that helpful or that they don’t care. If men care, there would be no secrets. Things might even get worse if they reveal their secrets. Women go around the house with lots of secrets inside of their heart. I know that my mom keeps a lot of secrets from my Dad. She doesn’t like the way he yells at her, control her, and being means to his kids. There are many things that my mom doesn’t like about my dad. It’s helpful for a man to second guess a woman because she will have her secrets. Once you pry into her secret corners, you might be able to help her out a bit.

They would like to be pamper more

Women nowadays work harder than men. It used to be men who take cares of women and they’re home maker but now women are the bread winner and men are the home maker. They would really like for you to help them out with the bills and pamper them more. This means gifts, surprises and helping around the house with bills and chores.

They want to talk more

Men hate to talk while women love to talk. Women want to talk even if you don’t like it. It’s part of being in a relationship. This is something that men need to improve on.

They have things that bother them

Women will keep a lot of secrets. They do have things that bother them but will not reveal it to you. Women are secret keepers. Women like to keep a secret. You should ask them if they have things that are bothering them. Maybe they will share them with you.

They feel lonely too

Women feel lonely at times too. Some women think that they are all by themselves when it comes to a lot of things. Since men hate to talk, it’s obvious that women get lonely.

They would like a better partner

They would like you to engage with them more. They would like you to talk more. They would like a friend. There are time when you would go home thinking that you have no one to talk to. Make sure that you’re there for your ladies.


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