How to receive assistance for paying your monthly utility bills

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The economy is effecting the American people in many ways. The economic state of affairs shows no sign of improving any time soon and the unemployment rate is continuing to rise. This has caused financial hardship for many families, especially those with a family to support. There is help out there for those of you who may be having trouble meeting your monthly utility bills.

Depending on which state you live, many Electric & Gas companies offer several programs to consumers who are having difficulty paying their monthly utility bills. Many times these programs are not advertised, it is up to the consumer to inquire.

Some utility companies offer various programs ranging from low income assistance, yearly discounts on your total bill, and programs that will pay up to $1,000 of the consumers utility bill. You will have to show documentation of income etc in order to qualify.

An excellent place to start would be by calling the number listed on your monthly utility bill. You may have to wait a bit before speaking to a representative, be patient it is a busy time of year. Sometimes people are afraid to ask for help which is foolish. It is better to ask for help than end up having your Gas & Electric service disconnected.

Even if you don’t qualify for full financial assistance, if you agree to a payment arrangement the utility company will be more than happy to work with you and get the bill paid.

In addition to speaking with your utility company, you may want to contact your local senator or public assistance program in your area for additional information.

Americans can only hope and pray that the economy will improve at a future date. Until the economy improves there is help out there.


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