Is death the end?

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There are many ideas on what happens when you die, death is the main reason for the invention of religion, trying to answer the question: “What happens when I die”. Many people believe in the bible, so I will just briefly tell you what I know about what the bible does and doesn’t say about death. “The dead are conscious of nothing at all”. This is taken from Ecclesiastes 9:5. “Since the dead cannot know, feel or experience anything, they cannot harm, or help the living.” This is taken from Psalm 146:3,4. Apparently Jesus changed everything by saying that those who followed him would spend eternity in heaven, but nevertheless, the bible continues to contradict itself about whether death is unconsciousness, or a journey into heaven or hell, right up until the end. This is why some churches believe in hell, and some don’t.

Let’s look at it from another perspective of science. If the thought of nothingness bothers you about death, then take comfort in the fact that the energy (or mass), you are made up of will exist forever, according to science, and more than likely this isn’t the first universe and won’t be the last, meaning that you have probably lived before as either yourself or some other creature, and will probably live again. I believe in reincarnation for scientific reasons, not religious ones. Life is simply an equation which will eventually repeat itself in exactly the same way, at some point in an eternal universe.

Whether death leads to being reincarnated as yourself, or something else, I don’t know, for all I know, death is the end, or the other Christians churches, that believe you go to heaven or hell when you die, are right. From yet another perspective of philosophy, the only thing we can say with any certainty is: I think therefore I am. Do your best with this life, because if you leave it, you will either have nothing or you will be starting from scratch. Who knows basically? There is only one reason to leave this world early, if you have unbearable pain (like from a terminal disease) which shows no sign of ever getting better. If life is worth living, or even if it’s just tolerable it is preferable to an unknown reincarnation or nothing at all. You can believe in heaven if you want to, or anything else you choose to believe.


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