Diet Pill Doesn’t Guarantee You’ll Loose Weight

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I was a bit concerned about my body and now I wanna loose weight but the hard thing is it’s pretty hard to do so no matter how eager I am to loose weight by cutting down my intake of food still the progress is too slow than the usual. Last year, I tried to bought a diet pills that I’ve seen in tv commercials so I purchase 2 boxes of it good for one and a half month but nothing change but the good thing is I never gained weight within the period of taking the diet pills but the bad thing is that I also never shed some pounds. I think the main problem is that I exercise activities that’s why no matter how I starve myself still I don’t loose weight so I realized that diet pills don’t exactly guarantee of loosing weight so much better to exercise and eat food that don’t contain much fat or calorie.

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle would mean a lot in order to be fit and healthy at the same time. Since, as of the moment I don’t believe already with the diet pills because I don’t see any result that time then I stay away from it as it is not helpful in loosing weight. Right now, I just stick to my diet plan which is low carb diet and everyday exercise and so far I am happy with the result because I shed some pounds already so I think I should continue it until I achieve my ideal weight and at least I am more of satisfied in a way. There’s no harm in taking diet pills but make sure it is safe but before buying diet pills might as well try to undergo low carb diet and daily activities that will make you sweat like running or walking.


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