How to find out the inauguration timeline: inauguration time

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The inauguration will be on tomorrow and you can watch it live with streaming at most News websites on the internet like CNN, CBS, Facebook and MSNBC. If you go to the website the video will be in the front of the page most likely and it could also be in the video section. You will not miss the video on CNN or Facebook or CBS website themselves. You can also watch it on Twitter network as well. It looks like you will see President Obama speaks at 12pm and you will get Aretha Franklin and other performers singing prior to that. You should not miss this one time event in history. The timeline according to the Examiner is as follow: at 9am you will see the VIPs arriving such as former presdents, governors, House of Representatives, and US senators and cabinet designees. At 9:45am you will see Platform seating begins. At 11:03 you will see them announced the former presidents and then they’ll be seated. At 11:12 you will see the Biden family announced and then be seated. At 11:14 you will hear the Obama family announced and then seated. From 11:16-11:35 will be seating and announcement of former president Bush and the President and vice president.

From 11:37-11:38 is Aretha Franklin singing Tis of Thee. From 11:42-11:54 will be introduction to the U.S. Supreme Court Associates. The performers will also be singing and those are Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero, Yo Yo Ma, and Itzhak Perlman. They will be singing “Air and Simple Gifts.” At 12:01 is when the Inauguration address begins. From 12:21-2:32 is the departure of the presidents. Finally at 2:36 is the departure of President Obama and Vice President. For a more complete detail timeline you can visit this website .



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