TV series review Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer is a cartoon for children in from I’d say 2 years to say 4 or 5 years of age. The program teaches a variety of knowledge but mainly focuses on teaching basic Spanish words. The program is all about Dora, a Latin American girl, and her monkey companion “Boots”. She goes on all sorts of adventures and along the way she has to solve simple kindergarten style problems. Like choosing the long or the short root, or matches the same shape or coloured items together. The program also encourages children to interact with Dora by encouraging the children to call out words or mime actions at important parts of the story and then Dora will thank the children on their help. The only problem I’d say is that the storyline is quite similar each episode, with Dora helping out some sort of character to do something or go somewhere. Along the line there will be three obstacles or places that she will have to visit and there will be a number of problems to overcome or solve along the way. Often these problems will ask the children to choose to correct item from Dora’s talking backpack to help solve a problem.

Dora is great for young kids, the program is only about 15 minutes long and the content is very child friendly with no violence or nastiness for children to be exposed to. There are also online websites and related activity books that can be found around the place. Dora makes a nice educational role-model for the younger kids. If you like this type of program you’d probably also like programs like “Little Einsteins ”


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