Graduation Speech

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June 16, 2008

Congratulations, XXXXXX Elementary class Of 20XX!

Like your first steps, first words, first bike ride or first somersault, once you have that first success, you are encouraged apply yourself further and more success seems to come naturally. Now you have tasted another success!! Let there be much, much more to follow.

My purpose is to not just recognize your outstanding success and your awesome talents as a class, but also to urge you to look forward to a successful life, which WILL be dependant on further learning.

You are ideally poised, right now, to begin to learn MORE – much more – and to put your current knowledge and skills to amazing use. Amongst you, in another ten or fifteen years, you will be outstanding people in all kinds of professions, and you are the future of this country. That time will go a lot faster than you are probably thinking right now.

I URGE you to continue to learn all you can and to be the best you can be.

Please consider the awesome opportunities that can come your way, IF you choose to keep on learning.

I believe you will have a happier, more successful, fulfilled life if you keep those doors of opportunity open. The way to do that is to stay motivated, keep your goals in sight, focus on what is important, and to work hard. It won’t be easy, but I promise you, it will be well worth the effort. I sincerely hope that you continue to learn throughout your whole life.

Learning, of course, will come in many forms:

You will continue learning in school

You will learn for your future career

You will learn a sport or hobby

You may learn to be a parent.

Whatever it is, you WILL need to keep on learning.

Your amazing brain will continue stretch and grow, like a muscle, as you continue learning. It was made to seek knowledge. I urge you to USE YOUR GIFTS, and to please , help make positive changes in this world.

I leave you with a poem:

Always Be A Student

Please keep on learning,
Though your graduation’s done;
Your whole life’s an education
and it has only just begun.

This diploma is the first big step,
For knowledge is the key
To winning what you want in life
And being who you want to be.

If you’ll always be a student,
You’ll more likely find the secrets to success
And travel on the golden road
To good fortune, peace and happiness.


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