“Blast from the Past” and “Back to the Future” Way for Your Mind Management

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In ancient Javanese teaching of self development, there is concept of integration of cipta (creation), rasa (feeling or mood) and karsa (will or wish).

These three aspects are important in self management, especially in managing our mind to realize our dream and undergo our personal legend.

These three aspects have mutual interference. One aspect influences another. The good management of these three aspects is the good system to program our conscious and subconscious mind which can influence our life. To see the flow-chart of cipta, rasa, and karsa, click here.

Karsa (will or wish) or dream) is important part to make personal goal setting. Goal setting is essential aspect in planning your future. However, sometimes instinctively we make our wish. Unfortunately, It is good for you life if it is good wish but sometimes when you are in bad mood, you create bad wish. However, you have freewill to choose good will and do something good in your life.

Rasa (feeling or mood) is important in our action. What you feel may influence how you do. Your mood may influence your performance. With bad mood, you can cook unpleasant food whereas your food can be delicious if you cook with love. Bad feeling can be obstacle in our life. On contrary, if you love what you do and do what you love, you will get improvement and development in your quality of life.

Cipta (creation) is the process of creating something in your mind or the process in implementing something. Nowadays, there is much information which comes to our mind. The information can be visual or audio information or the information which we can sense with our other sense. However, not all information is good for your mind. Bad information which comes from movie, music, or writing can stimulate your mind to create negative state of mind and bad mood. Mismanaging our mind and feeling can create bad attitude and action. It can influence our decision and create suspicion, hate, jealousy, and low self confidence. On the contrary, if we exercise our mind to create positive creation we can make our self better.

How do these three aspects influence each others? With good wish or will, we can plan our action. We can also consciously manage our mood and practice to create something good in our mind and do the good thing.

With bad will or wish our mood or felling turn worse. Some people, with bad will tend to be cold-blooded and it can create bad result harm the relationship.

If we can manage our feeling or mood into higher emotion such as enthusiasm, compassion, love, and happiness, we will make positive state of mind or good wish. Good felling or higher emotion can motivate our mind to create better creation and it can create or motivate us to do something for better life.

Movie, music, writings, or news or other information may influence our feeling. The information can stimulate our lower emotion of bad mood, such as pessimistic idea, hate, desperate. Bad information can make us visualize nightmare or tragedy in our mind. The information, which stimulates our low emotion, such as hate, jealousy, and suspicion, can influence the creation in our subconscious mind and wish. That is why we need to filter the information in our mind. The combination of bad feeling and negative visualization in our mind is called negative thinking. I know it is not easy to handle it. However, we must to handle it to make our life better.

These three aspects (cipta, rasa, and karsa) are based on ancient approach. We live in present days but we need learn ancient wisdom as far as it is useful for our life. However, in application, we synchronize it with modern situation. It is important to lift as high as you can while rooting deeply. High plant has deep root. We must make it blast from the past and back to the future.

The following tips are the applications of the three aspects for modern people.

  • Write your goal or dream. It is initial part of planning for your life. Make long term and short term self planning. It is important for you to make Bhag (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Bhag was proposed by James Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1996 article entitled Building Your Company’s vision. However, you can apply Bhag for your personal goal. Make your goal that is strategic and emotionally compelling. Search the information about Bhag through Google search engine.

  • Visualization and affirmation are essential. In the night and in the morning, do visualization and affirmation. Visualize that you reach your dream and affirm with positive and present sentence that you have achieved your dream. Make sure that you have good will and believe that your dream will come true. Be gratitude every day. Praying is good activity for your mind. Be grateful in your prayer and state your hope. Pray with faith, hope and love. Affirmation and your feeling have mutual relationship. In affirmation, you need good mood and your affirmation can make your mood better. By stating affirmation and visualizing your good will you make good creation in your mind and it can stimulate your good feeling to give you motivation in your life.

  • Be in conducive environment. Join the training and seminar to improve your skill, knowledge and attitude. Maintain relationship with people who can inspire and motivate you. Positive environment can stimulate the development of creativity, good feeling, and good will in your mind.

  • Make dream board. Prepare blank board. Write your dream with interesting and decorate it. Post the pictures which represent your dream. You draw the picture on it if you can or get the pictures from magazine or newspaper and post them on the board. They can be the pictures, which represent your dream house, good relationship, dream car, or payment check for you. Post the dream board on the wall or your bed room. Place it at the place you can see it before and after sleep. Pictures can help us in visualization. It can program your subconscious to create positive statement to reach your goal. Look at your dream because it is good information for your mind. It can stimulate good feeling and good creation in your mind. It can motivate you in your life.
  • Dream book is also necessary. Get the pictures which represent your dream. List your dream in your book. If you are traveling, bring your dream book. See the pictures in it before and after sleep. During traveling, you cannot bring dream board and dream book is useful small kit for your mind.

  • Read the books and other writings which are good for your self development. Choose the books or articles which can develop your skills, attitude, and knowledge.

  • Listen to the music. Choose the music, which can motivate you, such as “Let the Sun Shine in”, “Power of Dream”, or “When You Believe.” Your brain records the words. If you record positive and motivational words, you will make your feeling better.

  • Watch movie which can motivates you. You can choose the movie which can motivates you.

  • Submission to God is the most difficult way but for the long term it is the best and suitable way for you. Be enthusiastic in what you do but excessive ambition is not good. To be needy or clingy is not wise because it can make you crazy. Sometimes, God’s will is not our will. In many spiritual tradition and I all religion teach us about submission and surrendering to God’s will. Do not misinterpret that submission to God is doing nothing. Submission to God means doing your best, being grateful, being aware of what you do. Believe that god through universe will give you the most suitable way for you for your happiness. Praying and meditation is good exercise for submitting what you do to God.

Feed your brain with good, inspirational, and motivational information. Manage your positive state of mind and feeling and do something good in your life. Paulo Coelho states in The Alchemist that everyone has his own personal legend. You can improve your quality of life but you cannot be the other and expect the exact same way because each master has his unique style.


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