3D Paper Snowflakes

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Scroll down to see the final outcome.

Step1 WebCam200812091056_Thumb.jpg Fold a 8.5 x 11 in piece of paper in half “hot dog” style (the long way).
Make a nice crease and then tear or cut along the crease. I find that I can get a straighter cut by wetting the crease slightly and tearing than I can by using the scissors.

Step2 WebCam200812091059_Thumb.jpg Now, you have two separate long pieces of paper. You can make two snowflakes.

Step3 WebCam2008120911012_Thumb.jpg Take one of the strips of paper and start folding it accordion style. Start on the narrow end of the strip and fold about a 3/4 inch wide strip. Turn it over and fold it in the opposite direction, the same width. Keep going until you come to the end of the paper. Its ok if your last fold is narrower or does not come out even with the other folds.

Step4 Now fold your accordion paper in half and cut a a notch on either side of the fold.

Step5 WebCam200812091106_Thumb.jpg Tie your ribbon or thread around this notch.

Step6 Now, begin cutting the holes in the folded accordion paper wad to make the holes in your snowflake. The paper is quite thick so it might be difficult to cut. You need sharp scissors.

Step7 WebCam2008120911091_Thumb.jpg Here is what the cuts on your snowflake might look like at this point.

Step8 WebCam200812091111_Thumb.jpg Now glue down the thread along the length of one side of your accordion folded paper with holes. Fold the paper along the crease again to “conceal” the ribbon inside the snowflake.

Step9 WebCam200812091113_Thumb.jpg Bring the other side of the folded paper around so that it makes a circle and you can glue the two sides together. This is like unfolding a paper fan. Here is a picture of unfolding the “fan”

Step10 When you glue the two loose ends together to complete the circle, you’ll have a snowflake! Use these to decorate windows, your tree , bulletin boards or gifts.



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