How to make a NO-SEW TUTU

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How to make a no-sew tutu

Materials needed:

Tulle (mesh material)

4 yds for kids tutu

8 yds for adult tutu

1 roll of satin ribbon (or elastic)


This is a very simple and easy project for Halloween, playing dress up or for a dance costume. Tutus have been all the rage these days and I have found a way to make an easy no sew tutu. Yes, I said it! No sewing is required!!!

First you will take the tulle and fold in half widthwise and then you will take the tulle and roll it up lengthwise. Imagine you are rolling a burrito (mmmm burritos!)

And then you will cut into about 3 inch segments. Once you take the segments apart they will look like strips. You then take your ribbon and I would suggest tying it to a doorknob or something. I tie mine between 2 chairs so that it kind of looks like a clothesline. That way I have my hands free to tie the tulle strips onto the ribbon or elastic. The closer you push the strips together the fuller it will become.

You can tie it two ways. The first way is to do a cris cross tie and the second way is the slipknot tie. I prefer the slipknot because it gives the tulle more volume and will make your tutu look fuller. I have found a few great videos which will show you how to create this awesome and fun craft to do with your little girl or if you just like tutus like I do, make them just because you want to!


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