Down the Rabbit Hole

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As I dove, I looked around.  I saw trees and people and the hustle of cars.  I saw buildings rise tall against the oceans that stretched out as far the eye could see.  I saw birth and death and those caught in the balance of saving them in between.  There was movement and construction and celebrations for great discoveries and achievements.  Then there was chaos and destruction and attacks against mankind from terrorists.  There was happiness.  There was dispair. Then, THUD.  I had reached the bottom.  I stood up and brushed the dust from my shirt. I took a minute to think; there is so much we see in our lives.  Then I looked towards the top of the hole, where the light beamed down upon my face.  I took another minute to think; I wonder what I will see on the way back up? Will I see all the joy I saw along the way, the laughter and the friends who were there to share?  Will I see the sorrow and grief that was ever so drowning?  Will I get the chance to make a difference in the world, whether it be good or bad? There were so many questions that brought about so much hesitation.  Yet there were stil so many questions that urged me to grab hold of the twisted vines and traverse the ascent.  I should think that I will so a little of both.  I should think that it would neither be easy nor unrewarding.  And with these thoughts, I began to climb. 


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