The Best Way to Easily Make Money Online Writing Articles for Bukisa: Title

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The best way to easily make more money writing articles is to plan your titles in advance. Many people spend the most of their time writing the content and body of an article when in fact the most important part of the article is the title. If you follow these few tips you can make more money online by attracting more unique visitors to read your articles.

Plan your SEO Keywords in advance. I choose a topics that I want to write about and then I use Google Trends and Wordtracker to determine which keywords that I will use when I write my article. Typically, I choose a few at a time and eliminate the ones that will not work for me. This allows me to eliminate this step and quickly choose a dynamic title.

Your title should include the keywords you have chosen. Your title is the first opportunity that the web search engines know what you are writing about. They know this because they compare keywords with those of the people searching a specific topic. If you want the Most traffic your keywords should be in the title.

The title should also grab the readers attention. Not only do you want the web search engines to ackowledge your article based on the title, but you must remember we are writing to people. People have many choices regarding which articles to read and they generally chose the article that catches their attention.  To make money online writing articles you must make a good first impression with a title that grabs attention.

Use superlatives like Best, Easiest, Most, Longest, etc. If you had a choice wouldn’t you choose the Best, the Easiest, The Most or the Longest?   No one chooses almost the best or just anyone will do. The superlatives attract people and help you make money online.

With superlatives also use trigger words. Trigger words give people the expectation that they will get something or accomplish  something by reading your article. Golf “like” Tiger Woods, “Make Money  Online”, “The Secret of” are all trigger words.

When we put it all together we have a dynamic title that will help us make money online writing articles for Bukisa. It looks like this: “The Best Way” (superlative) to “make money online” (trigger and keyword) “writing articles” (keyword) for “Bukisa” (keyword). This is a dynamic attention grabbing title that uses superlatives and trigger words while making sure the keywords are in the title.


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