Fresh Air For The Way You Live

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Like clean water, fresh air is essential to our well being.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere – in our homes, offices, cars and even on our clothing!

Enhance the power of Fresh Air by EcoQuest throughout your entire home! The Fresh Air installed in your duct system amplifies the extraordinary benefits of EcoQuest’s environmental conditioning systems, using your central blower to send ActivePure technology through each vent.

From the basement to the attic, each room will stay fresher with even more germ-killing, mold-reducing benefits. Plus, the system will keep your duct work, a breeding-ground for bacteria and mold, cleaner and healthier!

Chlorine exposure iHappeneds mostly when showering. When I learned that chlorine is absorbed through the skin, it also vaporizes in the shower, is inhaled into the lungs, and transfers directly into the blood stream, that ws a scary thought. Living Water system Showerheads remove chlorine and other chemical toxins from your water. The results are immediate – shiny, smooth hair and soft, healthier-feeling skin. Plus, because it makes water better, you’ll use less shampoo.

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At EcoQuest International we take our mission seriously, both in the opportunity we provide and in the products and services we offer.  


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