Romance and Aromatherapy

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The power of perfume to inspire romance has been known since the Babylonians, and perfume and flowers are still today the favorite gifts for lovers. Cleopatra’s seduction of Mark Antony was carefully staged with a carpet of rose petals and rare and exotic scents in every conceivable form – even the sails of her barge were drenched in perfume to catch the breeze and announce her arrival. The sense of smell is fundamental to our sensuality. Pheromones, chemicals secreted in human sweat, act as the most basic trigger to sexual attraction. The smells of flowers and plants are the plant equivalent of pheromones, irresistible to birds and bees and just as attractive to humans. We can use natural aromatic plant oils to relax, heighten our awareness, excite the senses and create a mood for love.

Setting the Scent

Create a calming and sensual atmosphere with scented candles or a few drops of essential oil evaporated in a fragrancer or light bulb ring. Dim the lights and turn up the heat.

Scent your lingerie or bed linen by adding three drops of your favorite oil to the final rinse, or store them in drawers with aromatic bags or scented balls. Sprinkle drops of rose or jasmine on the pillows.

Preparing Your Body

Luxuriate in an aromatic bath or hot tub, or, better still, share it with your partner. After soaking, perfume your whole body with a rich body oil or use a strong concentration to dab pulse points such as wrists, temples and behind the ears and knees, and wait for your partner to discover these secret scented areas.

Partner Massage

We are all sensual beings and yet at times we may need help to switch off from everyday concerns and tune in to our senses. The loving touch of partner massage is always enjoyable; it is relaxing and yet sensually stimulating – a total physical experience.

You can adapt the basic essential massage, using plenty of effleurage all over, deeper kneading for tense areas and light feather strokes with the fingertips to excite the surface of the skin. Avoid the lymph drainage movements as these are distinctly unerotic! Discover your partner’s erogenous zones – explore the ear and feet and the inside of the forearms and thighs. Find some more. Be tender and loving, playful and creative – let your imagination guide you.

Oils for Seduction

Most of the aphrodisiac oils combine well with each other, but be careful not to use too many together or they may clash and work against each other. Subtlety is the key to the art of seduction.

– Clary sage – sweet, sensuous and slightly intoxicating, but be careful as in high doses its sedative effect will inhibit sex drive.

– Geranium – a strong floral that both relaxes and uplifts.

– Jasmine – the heady floral fragrance boosts confidence and creates a luxurious atmosphere.

– Neroli – fresh and sweet, its fortifying effect helps overcome shyness and inhibitions.

– Patchouli – heavy and exotic, it is stimulating in small doses and heightens the senses.

– Rose – the quintessential oil for lovers. Rare and powerful.

– Sandalwood – woody, sweet and exotic with spicy undertones.

– Ylang-Ylang – the long-lasting floral scent gives a feeling of relaxed well-being, helpful for impotence or frigidity.

You can also try the warm, spicy exotics such as black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon or cedarwood, but be sparing with these as they can easily overpower.

Layer the scents by choosing just three or four and using them in different strengths and combinations for the room fragrance, bath, body oil or massage blend.



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