How to Organize Your Financial Documents

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Things You’ll Need:

  • large filing cabinet
  • file cabinet folders with clear changeable tabs


The first step is to locate all of your paper work.


Start making folders for topics that are separate. For example, keep all of your automobile information in it’s own folder, don’t combine more than one automobile in the same folder however. Let’s say your a Honda Civic 2005 that should be your tab on your folder, and if you have another car make a new folder with the car company, model, and year on it.


A list of topics for folders: Automobiles, Utilities, Mortgage, House/Apartment policies, Insurance policies , Investment information, and so on.

You should also keep a folder for each year that shows the bills and fees that you paid during that time. A simple year on the tab is a good way to indicate when the bills were paid.


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