The Noble Game of Cricket

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  • The game is played with two teams (both dressed in white) of eleven people vying against each other to score the most runs in two innings each.
  • After the toss the team that decides to bat is in and proceeds to sit in their dressing rooms which are off the field.
  • The team that fields is out in the oval that is, all except for two people from the team who are in and who are out on the pitch guarding three wickets called stumps with bails on them.
  • A bowler bowls the ball and he tries to hit the wickets thereby displacing the bails and causing the batsman who had been ‘in’ to be subsequently out.
  • The aim of the batsmen is to hit the ball far enough to be able to run up and down between the wickets.
  • Each time they do this, it counts as one run and meanwhile the fielding team tries to get the ball and hit the wickets while the batsmen are running between the wickets and outside of their crease a straight line just over a yard from the wickets.
  • Once a batsman who was in is out he walks forlornly until he is in the dressing room.
  • The next batsman from the side who is in comes out and takes up the batting position.
  • The game is controlled by two umpires who get to decide whether a batsman should be in or out and one cannot argue with the umpire.
  • This is done for ten of the eleven batsmen who were in until they are all out, and then the other team is in and the team that was in is out in the field.
  • The game is won when one team scores more runs than the other team, and both have batted twice.
  • If a team is trailing behind by several hundred runs yet can avoid being bowled out in the allotted time, or it miraculously rains, the game is declared a tie.

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