Cleaning Your New Laminate Floor

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Laminate floors need special care. The most important thing to remember is to NOT GET IT OVERLY WET. If something is spilled, clean it up right away! Even damp materials left too long on the floor can leave a permanent mark. When washing to floor, use only a DAMP mop or towel… no puddles of water!

What I usually do is clean my kitchen (tile) floor first. I like Murphy’s Oil Soap or Dr. Bronner’s soaps. They are very gentle and smell great. Anyway, after scrubbing the tile, I wipe up remaining water with an old towel.

pergomop_Thumb.jpg Then, I take the damp towel (which is really pretty clean because remember, I just scrubbed the floor), I wipe the laminate floor. I just sort of skooch it around with my foot, really. This seems to do the trick. Alternatively, if you aren’t scrubbing the tile and the laminate needs to be cleaned use a mop like the one shown.

Laminate floors get finger (toe?) prints on them easily. Even the cat leaves prints on my laminate floors. You can “touch up” buy spraying some gentle spray cleaner and wiping it away with an old cloth diaper or towel.


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