How to Lose Weight and Earn Money

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For this activity you wil need a workout buddy so that it is safer as you travel around outside. Before beginning your journey towards a fatter wallet and thinner waistline, you and your workout buddy need to determine a safe route to travel. Safe areas are ones that don’t involve a lot of traffic or supspicious looking characters.  Stick to well areas that are out in the open.  Move briskly while searching for change on the ground. Make it a competition between you and your workout buddy.  It is surprising how much change is laying around outside.  At the end your workout put any money that you found in a special jar or bank. If you continue this routine twice a week you will eventually begin to see a nice chunk of change.  If you stop finding change on one route then you and your partner need to make an alternative route. It is always a great idea to change up your routine anyways so it is not monotonous.  It is a great idea to stretch your entire body out before venturing out on this journey.  Also make sure that you have something to put the coins in that you find.  You do not want to walk for an hour trying to hold loose change in your sweaty hands do you?


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