How to Prepare for Success in College

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As a college student one of the most important things to do, is to ask your adviser questions! Do some research by studying the course catalog before you go to your adviser. By familiarizing yourself with things first you will be able to form questions to ask during your advisement. The more questions you have, the more successful your adviser will be at helping you plan your goals .

One frustration college studentsmag-glass_10x10.gif face is their lack of knowledge about fee, registration, and class drop deadlines. Many students who register for classes will miss the tuition deadline, which means their schedules get deleted. It is important to write down all important dates to avoid frustration and penalties. The administration will not take pity on you because they post deadlines far in advance. It is your job to look these dates up and keep on track.

It is amazing how many college students don’t take advantage of the syllabus provided by their teacher. The syllabus is the backbone of a class and contains the teacher’s policies. Being familiar with your teacher’s syllabus is one of the best ways to succeed in a class. You need to know the grading and attendance policies. If you know that one of your teachers lowers your total average by ten points for every third absence, chances are you won’t be motivated to skip class. If you didn’t know about that policy and had four absences, your teacher would not excuse your for lack of knowledge. A syllabus also provides valuable contact information regarding a teacher’s office hours, email address, and phone number.


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