How to care for dry skin.

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Dry skin can be a nightmare to take care of; it can get dry, tight and uncomfortable. Dry skin is normally caused by low sebum production in the lower levels of skin and low moisture in the upper levels. When it is at its worst, it can be flaky, and even painful. Having a daily skin care routine is important; your skin needs delicate care and attention.

Using an oil based make up remover, take off all traces of make up. Use cotton wool pads, as cotton wool balls soak up too much remover. For the harder to reach places (such as the under the eyes) you may want to use a cotton bud (q tip) dipped in make up remover. Make sure you don’t get the make up remover in your eyes.

 Many people that have dry skin do not bother to clean it at all. It is important that your skin is kept clean and free of dead skin cells.

Use a creamy cleanser, not a facewash. Massage the cleanser onto your face in small circles using light pressure.

      Leave the cleanser on your face for a few minutes then wipe it away with a cotton pad.

     If necessary, you can splash some cold water onto your face to remove excess cleanser.

                 Apply your chosen moisturiser in small circles using light pressure; use a moisturiser that is specifically designed for dry skin. These are formulated to be as absorbent as possible. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the thicker a moisturiser is, the better it will be, but many thick moisturisers simply sit on top of the skin and do not absorb.

Tips for dry skin.

Avoid hot water; this will only dry the skin out further.

Always apply sunscreen!

Apply moisturiser before going out in cold weather.

Choose make up that is designed for dry skin.

Look for products that contain vitamin E.

Vitamin E supplements will help your skin to maintain its moisture levels.


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