How to Register To Vote for Massachusetts

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Now is a good time to register to vote if you’re not already registered, or if you need to change your address*. If you have a party preference and want to vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary, the deadline for submitting your registration or changing your address is 20 days prior to the election. For instance, The Democratic and Republican Primaries in Massachusetts will be held on Tuesday, February 5 2008, making the deadline for registration 1/10/2008 – this is usually about a 25 day gap they ask for in order to process all registeree’s.

To register to vote, visit to fill out the registration form. You will need to print out the form, sign it and mail it in. – Click on the red link that says “Register to Vote” and the form will pop up

For more information on the primaries, election process and the candidates, check out this link:

*Your voting location will be near the address where you were last registered to vote; if that’s no longer a handy location for you to get to before or after work, you should change your address


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