How to Motivate Employees

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  1. Why not update the “Employee of the Month” program. Instead of posting their picture and giving them a wonderful parking space, give them something they might actually enjoy…Something that will motivate your staff to be the best they can be…
  2. Start by setting a goal for your staff. Letting them know what you would like done and letting them help come up with a plan of action to reach that goal.  Now the fun part…tell them what their reward will be for completing the task.
  3. Give them a “free pass” – this could be a pass for a free day off from work (one that won’t count against their vacation and/or sick days) – The “free pass” can have a deadline for use date on it (you don’t want them saving up 5 free passes so they can take a whole week off) – or the “free pass” can be for so many hours, so they can earn hours off with each pass. A day off with pay, is something every employee will enjoy! It will motivate employees to work for those free passes…
  4. Why not have a “Gonna Have Fun Day” – This can be as easy as family passes to a local Amusement Park; A family day at the local town park with a cookout, kickball/baseball game , etc.; or take a class together at a Home Improvement store, ceramic painting or something other art class. Let your staff give input on what they would like as a “fun day” and go for it. A little fun never hurt anyone.
  5. Something as simple as buying donuts and coffee for your employees once a week and discussing something other then work for an hour, will motivate employees also. Your employess wants to know you care, so taking the time to really talk to them and getting to know them will help motivate them to do more as an employee.

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