YOU Can Conserve Water

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If you don’t have a newer toilet in your home, it probably uses 5 gallons with every flush. You can save a gallon easily buy filling an empty milk jug with water, replacing the lid and putting it in the toilet tank. This will displace 1 gallon every time you flush. If you do this in all your toilets and you have a family of 4, that one gallon saved will really add up. Newer toilets only use about 2 gallons. Some even have an option for “big flush” and “little flush”. If you are really hard core and committed to the cause, try a composting toilet.


Limit shower times to simply take care of buiness nand get out. Don’t waste time just standing there. Install a low flow shower head. Have you ever heard of a Navy Shower? Get wet. Shut off. Soap up. Rinse off. Put two kids in the tub at once.


Collect water in rain barrels. Use it for rinsing dishes (especially larger pots) and then pour the water on your landscaping in your yard. Use it for watering your plants.


Don’t leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth.


Don’t FILL a pot that you are cleaning in the sink. Fill it only 1/4 or less and then use a sponge to swish it around.


Only run the dishwasher when its FULL.


Only do laundry when you have a full load.

Only water your lawn/landscaping at night when it won’t evaporate. Use a soaker hose. Only water directly at the base of the tree/shrub.


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