Make Money Online Writing Articles for Bukisa: SEO Keywords

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To make more money online writing articles for Bukisa determine your keywords before you start. This will keep you focused as you write. If you nee to change or add keywords after you complete the article or your focus changes during the writing or even the research of your article is fine. The key is preparation.

Add your SEO keywords to your title. This is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization because the first place the search engines look for your keywords is in the title. The importance of your keywords in the title can not be over stated. If we think of it another way, though you can not judge a book by its cover most people judge the book by the title.

The introduction to your Bukisa article is an overview of the content for your article. To make money online writing articles for Bukisa it is essential to reference your SEO keywords in the introduction. The introduction should match the title and the body. If there is a disconnect then less people will visit your article.

The body of your article is your content. Your content is what your title and introduction peaks about. If your title leads to “making money online” and your introduction leads to “making money online”, then your content should be about “making money online” and referencing it at least 2 to 3 times. Your reader expects the content you promised by both the title and the introduction. More importantly the search engines spidersexpect and are looking for “making money online”.

For the best results unify your title, introduction and body by adding your SEO keywords in each section. This will help you make money online writing articles fo Bukisa.


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